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In today’s rapidly changing world, government contractors are tasked to not only maintain compliance but also stay ahead of the technological curve. It can become stressful, time consuming, and expensive to manage the multifaceted world of government contracting alone. At Red Rock Business Advisors, we understand this better than anyone.


Red Rock provides various services to our commerical clientele. With experts in technology, finance and strategic planning we have a team ready to tackle the toughest business challenges.


Red Rock Business Advisors is known throughout the business and government organization world for our personal, hands-on approach. But our individualized and attentive focus is not limited to business strategy and solutions. At Red Rock, we are committed to helping our community at large. As a growing company, we feel it’s our duty to make sure our surrounding communities thrive and remain healthy for many years to come.

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What People Are Saying

Deloitte Management / Intelligence Community Customer

Our Advisor has an extremely positive attitude and works well with the client. Her government leadership team routinely turns over and she is able to keep the team on track and manage each transition without a problem. She is flexible to support emerging requirements. She is always happy to help where she can and she is able to do so without sacrifice to her requirements.

Adobe / Intelligence Community Customer

The Advisors from Red Rock have been instrumental in our team’s success with a very demanding and high profile national security customer. Both represent themselves and Red Rock in the utmost professional manner and continue to impress the customer with exemplary services.

General Dynamics Information Technology / Intelligence Community Customer

I would like to call your attention to the outstanding work that our Advisor provided in support of our highly sensitive program. While the development team was shorthanded, he displayed tremendous professionalism, expert technical knowledge and excellent customer service to maintain the staff's ability to achieve its mission. We greatly appreciate his effort and deeply value his technical abilities, timeliness, flexibility, and proactive nature. We would be unable to produce a world-class publication without Red Rock.

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Red Rock Business Advisors is a full-service business advisory firm located in Leesburg, Virginia. We provide strategic IT, financial, and operational consulting services to government, businesses and individual clients. We offer a wide array of tax, accounting, financial management, outsourcing, and IT services to our clients with a focus on personal relationships.

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